WHAT IS PERMANENT MAKE UP?

                                                    GOOD QUESTION! BUT I'LL GIVE YOU TWO ANSWERS

                 1. Permanent Make Up is the art of implanting color into the skin. Short and sweet, that's it!! Although that sounds good, what about that word "art", and what are we implanting color into the skin for??? "Art" is very subjective, meaning that every technician has their own view of what art is. A Make Up background is certainly important. But every artist has their own concept, which brings us to answer number two.

   2. My concept of Permanent Cosmetics is simple: NATURAL, NATURAL, NATURAL!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I say....NATURAL?...(sorry!) The technique of learning how to implant color into the skin can be learned fairly easily with good instruction (that's where I come in) and experience. However, what your going to perform on your client is CRITICAL. Most clients do not have a lot of knowledge about Permanent Make Up, so they are going to trust you to make miracles! A lot of them will come in and request some pretty outlandish ideas. And while many technicians concept is about Make Up...I prefer to leave MAKE UP AT THE DOOR. What I like to stress is DEFINITION and ENHANCEMENT. Two golden words in my class. Any woman can do make up all day long. But that's not why they are there. My clients come to me because they are missing parts of their eyebrows, have very thin eyelashes that make their eyes look "dead", and very thin lips, or loss of pigment in the lips. This makes them look older, tired, and depressed, etc. My job (and yours if you decide to take this mission) is to restore the definition they have lost over the years, from age or from illness, etc. When the features of the face are in balance, they look more alive, younger, brighter, etc. But when you make one feature (like the eyebrows) stand out like a sore thumb, thats when your gonna get the infamous "They look painted on!!!!!!!" Remember...NATURAL...NATURAL...NATURAL. And it's not about MAKE UP....It's about ENHANCEMENT AND DEFINITION.... There... I think you've got it!


                 In the meantime, even though Permanent Make Up has been around since the days of Cleopatra, we've come a long way since then! Back then, they used to use sharpened bones instead of needles, dipping them in  heavy inks to create "really" dramatic eyebrows, eyes and lips.

                Since then, we've moved into the modern era, using soft cosmetic pigments instead of Tattoo Dyes and modern delivery systems, including non-machine methods such as Softap, and typical Tattoo machine methods. But there is a big difference between Tattooing and Permanent Make Up! Tattooing goes much deeper into the skin while Permanent Make Up, while using a similar technique, goes more superficially into the skin, only penetrating the first two or three layers.

                The permanent cosmetic pigments used also make a great difference over tattoo dyes as well. While Cosmetic Pigments will not last 20 years as tattoo dye's do, the combination of these technique's and the softer cosmetic pigments will produce a much more natural look. The average longevity of permanent make up procedures are approximately 2 to 5 years, although there will always be exceptions to the rule. Body chemistry plays a big part in determining how well the client will hold the color. Although approximately 96% of clients will hold the color for that 2-5 year period, of the remaining 4%, 2% will hold the color for more than 5 years, and the other 2% will only hold it for 6 months! Of course there is another ingredient here that will effect longevity: EXPERIENCE!!!!!!! Although you never stop learning, your technique will improve over the years, and therefore, so will the longevity of your clients procedures!




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